Calcium Octoate

Calcium Octoate This is a clear, nearly colourless high purity liquid drier with an excellent activity and compatibility. Calcium Octoate is an important auxiliary drier. It is used in combination with Lead and Cobalt octoate, mainly in alkyd finishes.

Calcium Octoate prevents the formation of lead haze in clear medium. Alkyd resin paints and varnishes containing Lead drier may become cloudy during the storage due to precipitation of insoluble Lead phathalate. This defect can be markedly reduced or eliminated by including a fairly substantial proportion of Calcium Octoate in the drier mixture

Calcium used in conjunction with Cobalt increases the efficiency of Cobalt drier in the paint medium. Calcium Octobate is an important auxiliary drier which eliminates hazing, blooming, clouding of the finishes and keeps them clean and shiny. Calcium Octoate suppresses the gas checking effect and wrinkling effect in the alkyd finishers where Cobalt and Lead driers are used in combination with Manganese octoate.

qura tul
Metal Content % Tolerance Colour Physical State Specific Gravity
at 30°c

Solid Content (%) Tolerance (%) Viscosity at 
30°c. Sec.)
3 +/-0.20% Voilet Liquid 0.840 +/-0.020 25.00 +/-5 Max 15
5 +/-0.20% Voilet Liquid 0.870 +/-0.020 25.00 +/-5 Max 20
10 +/-0.30% Voilet Liquid 0.985 +/-0.020 50.00 +/-5 Max 20