Lead Octoate

Lead Octoate is one of the auxiliary driers also called as through drier.Lead octoate is used as active or top drier. It promotes hard, through drying throughout the entire film and also promotes flexibility. In alkyd finishes where fume proof finishes are not specified. Lead is used in combination with Cobalt and Calcium octoate, It is always advisable to use Lead Octoate after the addition of Calcium octoate to eliminate the possibility of reaction of lead with unreacted phthalic anhydride in alkyd media, which could form lead phathlate. In tong oil alkyd medium 0.05 to 2.00% of lead is the usual amount required in conjunction with Cobalt and Calcium soaps. In outside paints and floorfinishes as well as in banking enamels Lead octoate is used with Manganese drier to produce a tough and hard film. In tong oil phenolic resin, lead promotes drying. It is also used in Polyurethane finishes as major auxiliary drier. Lead octoate is the most important auxiliary drier especially in applications where drying is required at low temperatures (less than 10 deg. centigrade.) Different metal concentrations of lead drier such as 18,24,32,36 percentage are used by the paint industry.

Metal Content % Tolerance Colour Physical State Specific Gravity
at 30°c
Tolerance (%) Solid Content (%) Tolerance (%) Viscosity at 
30°c. Sec.)
18 +/-0.20% Pale Yellow Liquid 0.990 +/-0.020 33.00 +/-5 Max 15
24 +/-0.20% Pale Yellow Liquid 1.090 +/-0.020 45.00 +/-5 Max 20
32 +/-0.20% Pale Yellow Liquid 1.260 +/-0.020 62.00 +/-5 Max 40
36 +/-0.20% Pale Yellow Liquid 1.350 +/-0.020 70.00 +/-5 Max 50