Manganese Octoate

Manganese Octoate is a very stable auxiliary drier. It is an active drier metal and strong oxidant, promotes polymerization to a greater degree than cobalt. It is often used alone in backing finishes and in combination with Lead and Cobalt in air-dry applications. Manganese Octoate is mainly used in exterior paints, floor finishes, backing enamels and in the paints where colour is not a constraint. The dosage of Cobalt octoate can be minimized by using Manganese Octoate as it is capable of replacing Cobait because of its high activity. Manganese Octoate prevents paint film from the wrinkling effect. Manganese Octoate is not recommended in white finishes as it gives a typical tinting effect of its own colour.

Metal Content % Tolerance Colour Physical State Specific Gravity
at 30°c
Tolerance (%) Solid Content (%) Tolerance (%) Viscosity at 
30°c. Sec.)
6 +/-0.20% Reddish Brown Liquid 0.900 +/-0.020 38.00 +/-5 Max 25
8 +/-0.20% Reddish Brown Liquid 0.965 +/-0.020 50.00 +/-5 Max 40
10 +/-0.20% Reddish Brown Liquid 1.000 +/-0.020 66.00 +/-5 Max 50