Zinc Octoate

Zinc Octoate is an auxiliary drier used as a pigments dispersing agent. The pigment such as titanium dioxide and carbon black have the tendency to absorb driers which reduces loss or effect of drying rate. The absorption of driers in pigments can be reduced by grinding the pigments with Zinc Octoate to retain the drying capacity of the paint media. The preparation of paints based on high viscosity media which may have only limited solubility in the solvent employed, Zinc Octoate should be used before the addition of pigment as well as other drier combinations. Zinc Octoate prevents the paint film from webbing and frosting effects. The use of Zinc Octoate is not suggested with dehydrated castor oil media and tong oil media because these driers may produce bloom and reduce gloss of the film

Metal Content % Tolerance Colour Physical State Specific Gravity
at 30°c

Tolerance (%)
Solid Content (%) Tolerance (%) Viscosity at 
30°c. Sec.)
6 +/-0.20% Pale Yellow Liquid 0.860 +/-0.020 25.00 +/-5 Max 15
12 +/-0.20% Pale Yellow Liquid 1.950 +/-0.020 50.00 +/-5 Max 20
18 +/-0.20% Pale Yellow Liquid 1.070 +/-0.020 72.00 +/-5 Max 50